BAUMA 2019: WEBER-HYDRAULIK is exhibiting

Hydraulic solutions and components for construction machinery, mobile cranes and formwork technology

The requirements on components and systems are becoming ever higher, the project times to prototype delivery ever shorter. WEBER-HYDRAULIK, as a full-range supplier for hydraulics, will be presenting development and solution perspectives for a wide variety of applications at bauma in Munich from 8 to 14 April. Digital stations for construction machinery, cranes and scaffolding will guide visitors from the machine via the specific requirements to the adapted application. The highlight of booth 312 in hall A3 will be a true-to-original model crane in action.

Hydraulic components and systems are also subject to the trend for more functions in the smallest space. They have long no longer been detached functional elements, but interconnected modules that guarantee functionality and working safety on the construction site. Accordingly, the booth concept reflects the working method of the specialist WEBER-HYDRAULILK: No products in the cabinet, but the digital animation of applied, intelligent hydraulics – right in the middle of the “construction site”. In addition to components with integrated sensors and electronics, integration into system technology also plays an important role. Hydraulic experts play a major role in their development – many years of experience and excellent engineering are the prerequisites for this.

Cylinders with a wide range of functions: Centering, force measurement, integrated piston accumulator
At WEBER-HYDRAULIK, every individual or system component from cylinders to proportional valves and control blocks can be further developed innovative and intelligent for specific applications or installation spaces. The consideration of parameters such as temperature range, corrosion resistance, maximum weight and the conditions in the area of application are mandatory. Further options are additional functions such as mechanical or hydraulic locking, centering or end position damping and intelligent measurement functions.
The advanced support cylinders for cranes, for example, additionally measure force directly at the ball head of the cylinder. The force sensor is fully integrated into the piston rod. Steering cylinders, which also include a centering function, make it easier to manoeuvre mobile cranes and set the rear axle to straight when the speed is too high or in the event of a fault. Suspension cylinders with integrated piston accumulators as chain tensioners in crawler tracks not only have a low weight, but their components are also protected against wear.

Groundbreaking future topic: Electrification of hydraulic components
In the field of construction machinery, hydraulics in the form of linear actuators can make a major contribution to electrification – a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant in terms of emission and consumption levels, even for heavy commercial vehicles. WEBER-HYDRAULIK has been working for some time on electrified solutions that are not only environmentally friendly, but also efficient and user-oriented. Hydraulic components designed as compact units with their own electro-hydraulic pressure supply and their own oil circuit make sense here in order to create independence from the combustion engine. The units only perform one task at a time and therefore require little oil. Due to their compact size, they can be integrated into the cavities directly at the tapping point with fewer hydraulic installations. Electric cables are not as susceptible to maintenance as hydraulic pipes, require less space and can be installed with smaller bending radii.
At the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, vehicles and equipment, the experts from sales and technology will also be providing information on the sophisticated test benches, test procedures and CAD simulations and will be providing advice on the possibilities in the fields of coatings, sealing technologies and valve technology.

We look forward to welcoming you at bauma in Hall A3, Stand 312, from 8 to 14 April 2019.