Application process

1. Acknowledgement of receipt

Once we have received your application, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within a short time.

2. Transparent selection process

We make every effort to conduct a verifiable and fair selection process, which will leave no questions unanswered for you.
On the basis of your relevant application, we would like to gain a comprehensive impression concerning your abilities, qualifications and your personality. We will require a certain time to carefully check your application. An online application will generally expedite our feedback. Our aim is to make a binding decision on the further course of proceedings within five weeks after receiving an application. We do not usually need the full period.

3. Interview

If we find your application interesting, we will invite you to a first interview, in which a manager from the respective business unit and an employee from the Human Resources Unit will participate. In this interview, you should be prepared for questions of a general nature about yourself and individual stages of your CV. 

Naturally we also wish to know what expertise you possess for the position selected and why you are interested in this vacancy and in WEBER-HYDRAULIK. From your side, you are free to clarify any questions you have on WEBER, your career prospects, your tasks and your future team. A second interview may follow the first one, in which you will often have the opportunity to meet potential team members.

4. Our offer

If we are convinced that you are the right person for us, we will make you an offer. 

5. Reimbursement of travel expenses

We will reimburse you with a 2nd class train ticket. You will receive the form for the travel expense reimbursement and directions sketch together with your invitation to the interview.