The history of WEBER-HYDRAULIK

1939 Establishment

Emil Weber establishes the "Fabrikation hydraulischer Hebezeuge" in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim.

1944 Resettlement

Resettlement operation to Güglingen, 50 km north of Stuttgart.
The operation in Stuttgart is severely damaged after heavy bombing.
A few useful machines could be saved.

1950 Diversification of the product range

Besides lifters of all kinds, release devices for brake cylinders, barber chair pumps, support cylinders, stamp setting tools for mining and many other products are also manufactured.

1965 Driver's cab tilting system

Production of the first driver's cab tilting system.

1966 Acquisition of the company Strassacker

The acquisition of Strassacker-Ölhydraulik in Esslingen results in a broader entry in the production of hydraulic cylinders.

1969 Establishment in Losenstein

Establishment of WEBER-HYDRAULIK GMBH in Losenstein, Austria.

1970 New production site

Relocation to a new production site in Güglingen.

1974 Hydraulic rescue devices

Production launch of hydraulic rescue devices.

1990 Acquisition of the company MADIX

Acquisition of the GDR car jack manufacturer MADIX in Dresden and subsequent concentration of the complete production of car jacks at MADIX.

1995 Chinese partner

Cooperation with a Chinese partner for the production of car jacks.

1999 Joint venture with the company A.R.T.

Establishment of a joint venture with the company A.R.T. in the U.S. for assembly and distribution of rescue devices.

2004 Joint venture with the company WEBER-BOVENAU LTDA.

Establishment of a joint venture with WEBER Bovenau LTDA. in Brazil for the production of cab tilting systems.

2005 New factory in Poland

Establishment of the WEBER HYDRAULIC Sp. z o.o. in Poland for the production of car jacks and hydraulic cylinders.

2006 Subsidiary in the United States

Establishment of the WEBER-HYDRAULIK INC. branch in the United States.

2007 Acquisition of LOG Hydraulik GmbH and FLUID-TEAM Automationstechnik GmbH

Acquisition of the companies LOG Hydraulik GmbH in Unterahrain and FLUID-TEAM Automationstechnik GmbH in Konstanz, thus extending the product range to include control blocks, valves and hydraulic aggregates as well as application-specific system solutions.


Establishment of the WEBER HYDRAULIC India PVT.LTD. in Pune for the production of cab tilting systems and other production lines.

2011 Enlargement of the WEBER-HYDRAULIK Group

Acquisition of the company HYCO International with factories in Canada, Brazil, the USA and Germany.
To complement and diversify its product and technology spectrum for hydraulic cylinders and expanding the customer base in the international markets, particularly in North and South America.

2014 The WEBER-HYDRAULIK group enlarges

The WEBER-HYDRAULIK GMBH, a leading international and renowned specialist in the development and production of application-specific, cylinder-type hydraulic solutions, strengthens its presence on the hydraulic market by a joint venture with VSE.