System Solutions

This adaptive suspension system serves as a suspension for cabins of agricultural vehicles, mobile machinery, construction machinery and special vehicles
Adaptive Cab Suspension
Hydro-pneumatic suspensions with adaptive damping improve the ride comfort in a variety of applications including, for example, mobile hydraulics, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, etc.
Hydro-pneumatic Suspension with Adaptive Damping
The presented suspension system comprises two friction-optimised suspension cylinders per axis, hydro-pneumatic accumulator, angle sensors, a load sensing valve and a controller. An axle lifting valve and control panel are also available as an option.
Hydro-pneumatic Axle Suspension for Trailers
Stroke lengths measured by the optical SMS.
A camera reads the position of the piston rod from the protected space. When compared to conventional integrated systems, this simple adaptation opens up a wide range of applications.
Non-contact position sensor
Electrohydraulic units have a compact construction, thereby saving space, and they only require electrical cables to be laid in order to supply the system with electricity. The intelligent links between various technologies and the modular units, such as hydraulic and electrical systems, are energy-efficient and climate-friendly.
Linear unit
In the mobile hydraulic sector for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, stackers, etc.
Hydraulically Operated Quick Change Systems