WEBER-HYDRAULIK presents its durable Mobile Classic mobile valve range

Robust design for extreme situations


Güglingen, 11th October 2022.                     WEBER-HYDRAULIK presents its VCP Mobile Classic mobile valves range, which – with its robust and solid design – is suitable for specialist applications, particularly in heavy duty conditions. The product range has already proven itself in longstanding use and convinces thanks to its considerable durability in extreme environmental conditions.

The valves in the Mobile Classic range from WEBER-HYDRAULIK have been manufactured since the year 2000. The solid and compact design of the unlockable double check valves ensures both an increased level of efficiency and a reduced installation workload. As the installation of the check valves eliminates the need for tubing, valuable time and costs are also saved. The installed check valves provide for an additional safety factor by holding loads securely. This prevents a hydraulic cylinder from moving in or out unintentionally and causing a hazard. These robust valves are made from high-quality materials and components, which also has a positive impact on the longevity of the products.

Individual solutions offer a high degree of variety and flexibility for the areas of application

A special attribute of the check valves segment in the WEBER-HYDRAULIK Mobile Classic product range is the opening ratio, i.e. the amount of pressure required to unlock a valve. “Our range includes valves which, at an opening ratio of 1:40, require very little opening pressure. Only a small number of competitors are able to do this, and it’s a very special feature. Several additional configurations which our customers can request individually are also available, which means we have a very large variety of products,” explains Michael Kowarzik, Technical Sales at WEBER-HYDRAULIK. “We consider the field of application to be very flexible, not just in the area of construction machinery and mining, but also in shipbuilding or material handling wherever durability is required,” adds Kowarzik. Due to their robust design, which sets them apart from other designs of valve, the maximum pressure of the valves can total 320 bars. The products can also be used in two different sizes for a volume flow of up to 60 l/min. and 200 l/min. respectively.

The offering in the robust Mobile-Classic series from WEBER-HYDRAULIK is also rounded off with pressure control valves and directional control valves.


VPR Mobile Classic pressure control valve


VCP Mobile Classic check valve