35 years of valve technology

This week we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of our location in Constance.



In 1985, FLUID TEAM Automationstechnik GmbH was founded in the Constance Technology Center. In addition to the development of oil-hydraulic drive and control technology with high-precision proportional valves, the company also developed and produced oil-water separators. The company was successful from the beginning and therefore expanded rapidly. After a “stopover” in 1993 at the premises of the Waldsiedlung Reichenau, the company moved in 2002 to the newly constructed company building in Constance, where the company is still located today. In 2009 a second building was added, in which the machining production is located. With the inclusion of the “FLUID TEAM” in the WEBER-GROUP in 2007, not only the name, but also the possibilities changed. Since then, WEBER-HYDRAULIK ValveTech GmbH has been able to offer not only innovative hydraulic valves but also complete hydraulic systems, and knowledgeable support. However, one thing has not changed: our comittment to stand out in the market through consistent development, quality, professional competence, and cost optimisations.



WEBER-HYDRAULIK ValveTech GmbH, a subsidiary of WEBER-HYDRAUIK GMBH, develops, produces, and distributes innovative hydraulic valves, and systems according to customer requirements worldwide. The urge to improve existing solutions has led to innovative products and continuous development from the very beginning of the company’s history. The demand for tailor-made valve technology, which meets every customer requirement, ensures that we are always breaking new ground to meet our high quality standards. Our valves are class leading products that we are proud of!

You can find our valve catalogue at https://www.weber-hydraulik.com/en/products/valve-catalog/



Take part in our contest and win an overnight stay in beautiful Konstanz. Send us a picture with our valves in your application by October 19th 2020. No matter if FLUID TEAM or WEBER-HYDRAULIK ValveTech – valve quality that withstands the pressure of the highest demands! The winning pictures will be drawn from all entries and published on our website.

1st place: An overnight stay in Constance for 2 people, including a company tour, a hydraulic workshop, and catering
2nd place: A company tour, with a hydraulic workshop for 2 people, including catering, and WEBER-HYDRAULIK fan package
3rd place: A WEBER-HYDRAULIK fan package

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From a “One-Man-Show”, to more than 60 employees at the Konstanz location. The first employee was actually a technical draftsman. In the early days, however, he was not only that, he was also a telephone operator, buyer, fitter, logistics specialist – in short, an all-round genius. Our employees still work with the same commitment today, but unlike back then, they bring their expertise and passion in their specialized fields. A culture of cooperation and willingness to help each other out has endured from the first employee, until today.

From the fresh new idea providers, to the experienced “old hands”; from the “creative chaos” characters, to the precision perfectionists : each person brings in his or her individual strengths and together create an amazing, dynamic team. Without the knowledge and passion of our dedicated employees, there would be no valve technology in Constance.  Thank you so much!


Working Methods

Product requirements, customer needs, and employee well-being have always been the cornerstones of our work environment. This is why we question traditional ways of thinking, and take new paths: from the typewriter and drawing board, to the most modern means of production and planning. Through agile working methods in project management, all employees work as a team on innovative customer solutions. Our own engeneering department, state-of-the-art production lines, and prototype production at the Constance location make it possible to design, develop, and produce a new valve within a very short period of time. Through these processes, innovative solutions are realized, and as a team, everyone works together towards an excellent result.