Hot oil shuttle: Compact, powerful, reliable

With these features the hot oil shuttle of WEBER-HYDRAULIK ValveTech GmbH convinces:

Compact, powerful, reliable

Konstanz, June 2020                       In a closed circuit of a hydraulic drive, hot oil shuttles or so-called flush valves are used to drain excess oil from the low-pressure line for cooling. With the new hot oil shuttle from WEBER-HYDRAULIK ValveTech, large loads can be moved and an optimum time response in controlling energy can be achieved despite small construction volumes and low weight.

In the closed circuit of a hydrostatic travel drive, the hydraulic fluid is fed from the pump to the actuator (hydraulic motor) and from there directly back into the suction line of the pump. Thus the pump is fed with the hydraulic oil coming back from the hydraulic motor. Since very small volumes of oil are moved in such systems, the oil must be constantly cooled to prevent the system from overheating. This is done by using a hot oil shuttle.

The hot oil shuttle W33H-1X06 from WEBER-HYDRAULIK ValveTech is characterised by its compact dimensions and robust design. It is therefore particularly durable and meets the highest demands. In contrast to the competition, the valve was designed with an additional force absorption, which allows the valve to be operated with a maximum operating pressure of 420 bar. The flush valve can also withstand unexpected pressure peaks. To ensure the quality of the products, every WEBER-HYDRAULIK ValveTech valve is subject to 100% EoL testing. Due to its high performance, the hot oil shuttle W33H-1X06 is basically predestined for all closed circuits.

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The WEBER-HYDRAULIK ValveTech hot oil shuttle meets the trend of power density where space is limited and high performance is required. (Image: WEBER-HYDRAULIK)

The flush valve is particularly suitable for use in road rollers, construction machinery and snow groomers. (Image: Stockr/