WEBER-HYDRAULIK cylinder for better stability and safety

Hydraulic components for state-of-the-art electric high-lift trucks from Jungheinrich

WEBER-HYDRAULIK cylinder for better stability and safety

Güglingen, March 3, 2022 From Amazon to Zalando, e-commerce is booming. According to Handelsverband Deutschland, an association representing Germany’s retail industry, online retail recorded growth of 13.6 billion euros (+ 23 percent) from 2019 to 2020, which was further accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This places increasing demands on logistics with particular effects on transport, handling and storage processes, which have to cope with the rising flow of goods. Highly modern industrial trucks, such as the electric high-lift truck ERD 220i from Jungheinrich, are required to keep the time and material expenditure as well as the environmental impact as low as possible when loading and unloading goods from a warehouse into a means of transport and vice versa. For this specific high-lift truck, the German hydraulics specialist WEBER-HYDRAULIK developed a compact undercarriage stabilisation cylinder to improve stabilisation.

WEBER-HYDRAULIK collaborates with its customers to design and manufacture hydraulic components and systems that meet the latest technical standards and contribute to a safer working environment. For Jungheinrich, the hydraulic solutions specialist manufactures tilt cylinders, steering units, hydraulic manifolds and various steering cylinders for different industrial trucks series. The special component designed for stabilising and damping the ERD 220i electric high-lift truck is the most recent example for a joint development project between WEBER-HYDRAULIK and Jungheinrich.


Stabilising and damping in one component

The ERD 220i electric pallet truck from Jungheinrich was launched in 2021, featuring a compact design, more safety and greater comfort. To ensure these features, WEBER-HYDRAULIK designed and manufactured a completely new product with corresponding functions: The corrosion-resistant undercarriage stabilisation cylinder with a 50mm stroke is directly connected to the vehicle’s hydraulic system and thus requires no separate supply. The component’s compact design saves up to 30 percent of installation space. The cylinder is also approved for biodegradable oils, which are increasingly used in intralogistics and other industries. With an integrated 2/2-way shift valve and a system pressure of up to 240 bar, the undercarriage stabilisation cylinder is ideally suited to its area of application.

In addition, the newly developed control of the cylinder achieves better damping characteristics. Delivering dual functionality, the hydraulic cylinder combines damping and stabilisation in one component, which means easier installation for the customer as the spring does not have to be installed separately. The initial start-up of the vehicle at the customer’s site also requires much less effort, as WEBER-HYDRAULIK supplies a completely vented cylinder.


Modern technology delivering maximum functionality 

The undercarriage stabilisation cylinder developed together with Jungheinrich ensures that the tilt of the electric high-lift truck is compensated for when cornering or on uneven terrain, stabilising it so that it does not tip over. The damping function, which is particularly effective on uneven ground, is an important feature for Jungheinrich as it offers the driver greater comfort. In contrast to conventional solutions, the stabilising module from WEBER-HYDRAULIK is weight-optimised and compact. Partly due to the space savings realised in the vehicle’s hydraulics, Jungheinrich can now offer one of the most compact electric high-lift trucks in its class on the market.

This makes the ERD 220i electric high-lift truck ideal for use in handling centres, as it is easier to manoeuvre due to its compactness and as it exhibits outstanding performance even over longer operation periods, while at the same time offering greater safety and comfort.


In-house know-how driving innovation

The joint development project benefitted from WEBER-HYDRAULIK’s long-standing expertise and use of state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering processes. The concept for the new undercarriage stabilisation cylinder was perfected by engineers at Jungheinrich and several WEBER sites.

“Our hydraulic solutions are tailor-made for and with our customers. For this purpose, we pool the company‘s interdisciplinary skills to address specific customer needs, achieving optimal results,” says Sebastian Gärtner, Head of Material Handling at WEBER-HYDRAULIK. “In the joint project with Jungheinrich, this approach once again proved its worth. As a result, it was possible to get a completely new cylinder ready for series production in just one and a half years.”

With each new challenge, the hydraulics specialist continues to develop its offering and impresses with its experience and know-how not only as a product supplier and system provider, but also as a consultant.

Richard Schwarz, hydraulics engineer at Jungheinrich, adds: “We would like to thank WEBER-HYDRAULIK for the company’s flexibility and commitment in our development partnership for this special cylinder. The component is very innovative, and the successful series launch was only possible because the vehicle and hydraulics experts at both Jungheinrich and WEBER-HYDRAULIK cooperated so closely. As a result, we now have an extremely
well-considered solution that is excellently suited to our requirements.”

WEBER-HYDRAULIK undercarriage stabilisation cylinder (Copyright: WEBER-HYDRAULIK GMBH)
The award-winning ERD 220i electric pallet truck from Jungheinrich is equipped with WEBER-HYDRAULIK undercarriage stabilisation cylinder (Copyright: Jungheinrich)